these are the accessories every it-girl will be wearing this season

Although it feels like spring just started yesterday, summer is basically around the corner. With warmer days, we start seeing new trends pop up on our feeds being worn by every celeb and influencer out there.

We love how these it girls are styling their spring/ summer accessories, their fashion sense is really fun and inspiring, that’s why we want to show you how to layer your favorite accessories just like them!

It’s all about fun, colorful jewelry this season and these fashion girls now it. That’s why they’ve been taking inspiration from the Y2k fashion era during last year, but this trend it’s about to make a real impact this season with jewelry pieces that feel more elevated, elegant, and easier to wear on everyday outfits.

Get inspired with our new colorful spring collection, perfect if you’re looking for something nostalgic and cool but still very contemporary. Accessories that look perfect on anyone no matter their age. Because we all love a big, chunky signature ring in bright colors that feels just like spring!

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