The SUMMER Travel Accessories you need

Our favorite season is finally in full bloom and we are ready to enjoy the warm weather and sunny days ahead in exciting new locations. Since traveling is finally a thing again, we want you to get as excited about the season as we are by wearing all the fresh designs and trendy new pieces we’ve been seeing all over our Instagram feed, on your next travel plans.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a short weekend get-away or a long vacation trip, having the right travel accessories can make a huge difference in your comfort level, which is why we’re giving you the ultimate guide for the best summer accessories, from staples and must-have pieces to the latest trends.

Delicate gold and silver necklaces


Feel effortless classy with these staples for your travel summer wardrobe. Stack as many as you’d like, style them with your bikini or with a dress for a night out, they are weightless and will instantly uplift any outfit.

Petite Earrings


With multiple ways to stack them, fun joyful earrings are the easiest way to showcase your personal style this summer without filling up too much space on your suitcase.

Weightless Acrylics


When you have every color available under the sun to choose from, it’s pretty easy and fun to style with all of your colorful summer outfits while still feeling modern and cool.

Layered Pieces


Stress no time having to choose how to stack your jewelry, these pieces are already layered for your convenience, adding the right amount of style. Spend less time worrying and more time soaking up the sun.