A small getaway to Big Bear Lake!

The small town of Big Bear Lake, located in southern California, is famous for its mountains and ski parks.
Its mountainous landscapes are perfect for a weekend escape.

For this spring break, we decided to come and visit this beautiful place, let me show you.

Usually because it is such a high city is very cold and snow falls almost all the months of the year, the hottest month is July, but the same in summer is super beautiful this little town. It is full of restaurants and shops in the village and Mountain roads.



This place I love because its style is very old or Vintage, very American.

My look for this trip is totally to cover me of the cold, with heaters under the trousers, special boots for Snow and Montana, a jacket super calientica, gloves, scarf and to cover my head use in hat type captain.

Basically I wanted to show how nice this place by means of these photos, some taken by me and others by my husband, who now is very excited about all this photography and is that it would be great because before I had to grab him in a good mood to ask for a To photo, now I'm very happy that you want to be part of this and support me! And that is, that we would do without them?….. #loveintheair.

I definitely recommend this place to 100, even more if you like outdoor adventures.



Faty Rodriguez.

Personal account @fatyrodriguez.